Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Find The Right Blood Pressure Monitor For You

Blood Pressure Monitor Review

One item in a household that is becoming quite popular are blood pressure monitors. We are rapidly becoming a health conscious society and we are understanding the importance as well as the problems that can be caused from blood flow. A blood pressure monitor can help in preventive maintenance for our bodies. There are quite a few monitors on the market  and they are affordable and it is well worth it to investigate them, when trying to find a good one for you and your family. Becoming aware of your blood pressure is not only wise for individuals with health issues, but it is also beneficial for those of us who just want to stay ahead of any health issue, and now this can be accomplished in the comfort of our  homes.

Blood pressure is becoming a common problem today, and it is a silent killer, there are no warning symptoms when blood clots happen or any type of blood flow irregularity happens. When blood flows through blood vessel walls a pressure is applied upon the blood vessel wall thus creating what is known as blood pressure.

We have a circulatory system in our bodies and our arteries and veins are used by this system, and the arterial walls can take more pressure than venous walls.  Know that pressure is commonly measured in the arteries, the brachial artery is where pressured is measured in most cases, but that is not the only artery where pressured can be measured  If you leave water running from your hose on and water is flowing in your yard it will create a hole from the pressure. The human body works on the same principal, in that erosion will happen if high blood pressure is not cared for. 

Strokes and aneurysm's can happen from having high blood pressure. An artery that has a weak spot and bursts from swelling will cause an aneurysm. When it happens faster that is because of  hypertension.

When the heart beats blood surges through the arteries, this is commonly known as the pulse and you can feel  it when you press against your neck or your wrist.  There is constant pressure on the vessels even though blood is flowing all the time. Know that a pulse is simply pressure on the arterial walls  when the heart is at rest and during the heart's pumping.  Think of a well where water is being pumped, when the handles goes up the well is at rest when pressure is applied and the handle goes down water flows. 

 When a blood pressure test is done there are two numbers that are important. The numbers are placed like a fraction with one number over the other.  The larger number will always be above the smaller number it looks like this: 130/70.  The number on top represents the systolic blood pressure. This defines pressure the artery is exhibiting during heartbeats. The number on the bottom is the diastolic blood pressure.This defines the pressure the artery is exhibiting when the heart is at rest and no beat happens, basically in-between beats.

It is prudent for us all to get scheduled check up's and get our blood pressure checked.  When your blood pressure falls into the normal range then a sigh of relief can be breathed at least for a couple of years, if eating habits and stress levels don't change drastically. Another way to check is with a blood glucose monitor, with this device issues like hypertension can be managed. Using this device is not complicated, it is a easy device to learn how to use. The instructions are clear and precise and are found right on the kit. The device is comparable to the devices found in hospitals and is used in the same way. There is a cuff placed around your arm making the blood flow slow to almost being stopped in the arm, this creates mounting pressure allowing it to be monitored.

The at home blood pressure monitors are electronic or digital, making it very easy to see and read the results.  The monitors come with a variety of useful features like holding the results of your last sixty tests, ninety memory recall,  and date and time can be set.

We have comprised a few monitors  that we feel get the job done.  But remember to always do you own due diligence and make sure you are getting the right monitor for you.